Mauser from the Orient: Type 24 Chiang Kai-Shek

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I first handled a Chiang Kai-Shek in my boss’s dimly-lit California garage on a warm spring afternoon in 2013.

“They’re fine rifles, people seem to think they’ll explode if you shoot them but I put plenty of rounds through mine,” he explained, handing me a German-made Mauser Type 24 Standard Modell to compare it with. “It’s basically one of these.”

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Operation Kobayashi Maru Part Two


General Dynamics’ F-16N/CCV

A lone single seat fighter prowls the Southern California landscape, its pilot as conscious of the terrain around her aircraft as an infantryman would be fighting in the same battle space. A plateau here, a mound over there, “Blue Air” about three clicks Northeast bearing two-seven-five- yeah, let’s just make sure the geography’s between me and them.

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