Operation Kobayashi Maru Part One


Grumman’s F-29A Polecat

“Mario, I’m picking up three bandits, eleven o’clock, angels eight, do you see ’em?”

“Negative, Pacman. Hey Roller, let’s try breaking ’em up- I’ll head low and left and you take it high and right. Bait these fuckers out.”


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On “Sportsball”



n. a term used sarcastically by non-sports fans to show that they don’t know or care that much about sports.

-Urban Dictionary

As a typical nerd, I never really follow sports as much as I think I should. A few of you just stopped reading for a moment there and are now screeching and asking why I’d ever want to be a normie and care about something as stupid and pointless as sports, but just hear me out for a second.

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“野馬”: Chinese Mustangs


Academy’s 1/72 P-51D, Hobbyboss’ 1/72 P-51B, and Airfix’s 1/72 P-51D

In my quest to build the Chinese Nationalist Air Force in 1/72nd scale, the Academy and Airfix P-51Ds came into my backlog. Compared to the Mustangs offered by the Japanese giants, these two P-51s are a cheaper, more economical alternative and I decided to compare the two kits which are often found at the same price point.

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Q1 2017


This is pretty much just an organizational post to sort out and organize all the content I want to put out by the end of March, 2017. I’ve got quite a bit of stuff to publish, with several drafts started and whatnot. You can expect some tactical gear reviews (that I’m admittedly underqualified to write), modeling posts, and maybe even some coverage of MilSim West: The Kazakh Offensive from the perspective of the SangriaBois.

Stay Tuned!

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